A few words...

My name is Ioanna Zotou and in 2005 I made my hobby profession creating the ceramics workshop “Koumoulia”. Since then I have been teaching clay courses, during which I have the pleasure of conveying my love of clay to children and adult. At the same time over the years I have not stopped creating my own unique pieces, which I merchandise.

In 2011, I moved the atelier in an idyllic place, in the nature, just outside the village of Petrokefalo and only 16 km from Heraklion city. The atelier space is particularly cosy and friendly, creating the appropriate atmosphere for someone to let himself go in the magic world of clay.

My Philosophy

Creating each pot is a unique moment. The ability that clay gives you from a piece of amorphous matter to create objects that will make everyday life more beautiful give it invaluable value. The hours I go to the atelier are for me a source of energy and relaxation, and that’s what I’m looking for those who visit my atelier.

The space

Κουμουλιά - Εργαστήριο Κεραμικής

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