Raku the beauty of the random…


The raku is a ceramic baking technique that started in Japan in 1573 and went to Europe in 1920 by English ceramist Bernard Linday. Today the technique is widespread throughout the world.

The word raku comes from the Japanese ideogram meaning “happiness”. It is associated with tea ceremonies, in which they used tea mugs without handles. The three elements of nature Earth, Fire, Water play a key role in the result that each time is completely different.

This particular process is particularly impressive as it creates unique metallic colours and the well-known cracking on the surface of ceramics. The effect of flame, soot and water make these ceramics separate. Participating in such a seminar remains a unique experience.

The seminar is held in two different meetings. At the first meeting is the construction and in the second the glazing and baking of ceramics in a special raku oven.

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